When one thinks of a luxury vehicle, a Maserati is at the top of that list. First manufactured in 1914, this Italian machine is renowned for its elegance, style, and performance. As the proud owner of a Maserati, you are accustomed to a comfortable enjoyable ride. All vehicles need to be properly maintained. Of course, you need to service your vehicle to keep it in peak condition.

Even with maintenance, you may still hear odd noises when sudden problems arise. Getting yourself acquainted with some of the common problems will assist in early problem detection. There are three main noise-related issues:

  • Noises that increase when you turn corners and accelerate could be related to wheel or transmission.
  • Other noises increase with engine speed and may involve the engine components.
  • Random noises that are not related to either engine or car speed are likely suspension

All unusual noises should be investigated by Maserati specialists to make sure the root of the problem is found for a solution.

Odd Sounds and Possible Issues

It goes without saying that you should be enjoying a quiet drive with your Maserati. Should you hear any of the below noises, seek the help of a professional repair center. The possible issues should be addressed immediately.

Humming noise when accelerating

As you accelerate, the noise gets louder but after a certain speed, the volume is consistent. When you make a turn, the noise gets louder; but if you turn the other way, it disappears.

Possible issues include wheel-bearing noise. This is often mistaken as engine noise. To determine if this is a wheel bearing noise, keep an eye on the RPM gauge. As you accelerate, the RPM and speed gauge rises. If the noise persists even when you take your foot off the gas pedal, then it is not likely engine noise.

Loud Noise

An intermittent banging noise, particularly when going over a bump, a dip, or, around a corner could be a suspension problem. The sound may start out faint. However, as time goes by and the damage gets worse, the noise may get louder and become more frequent. The possible issue could be a worn ball joint.

Grinding gears

A worn clutch will cause a grinding noise when changing gears. This may be a serious problem with the transmission.

Knocking Sound

If the knocking noise sounds like it is from deep within the engine, it’s usually not a good sign. The rod bearings could be worn out or loose and on the verge of failure.

A squealing sound when accelerating

This high-pitched noise will be immediately noticeable. It could be a loose fan belt. It may also be worn out. In this case, it would have to be replaced right away.

Hissing under the hood

You may hear this when you are turning your car off. The possible issue could be your engine is overheating or oil/coolant is leaking onto extremely hot parts and burning away.

Loud bang while driving

Your car may be backfiring. The fuel mixture may be too rich. This could also be a catalytic converter problem.

Rattling under the car

Your exhaust system or brake pads could be loose.

Roaring as you accelerate

This could be a transmission problem or a hole in your tailpipe. Check your exhaust system first, as it could be damaged. If not, bring your car in for an inspection.

Scraping and grinding when you brake

Your brake pads need to be replaced. The sound you hear is the metal scraping on the metal. This is dangerous and needs immediate attention for your safety and those around you.

Encore Motors: Maserati Masters

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Although based in Sarasota, we are conveniently located for drivers from Bradenton, Ellenton, Nokomis, Osprey, Parrish, Venice, Lakewood Ranch, Longboat Key, Siesta Key, and University Park.

The performance of a Maserati is unique and exhilarating, which means it’s easy to tell when something is even slightly off. Preventative maintenance is essential to ensure that your car stays issue-free and out of the shop for extended repair times. At Encore Motorcars of Sarasota, our ASE-certified mechanics provide complete services and maintenance for your Maserati.

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