Have you ever experienced a mysterious sound or sensation from the back end of your Volkswagen? If that is the case, you might be confronted with a broken rear spring. While Volkswagens are known for their reliability and performance, like every vehicle, they may develop problems with time, one of which is broken springs. Let us take a closer look at the issues that can make your VW rear springs break and what you can do to mitigate them.

Causes of Broken Rear Springs in Your Volkswagen

  • Age of the Vehicle: As your VW gets older, the suspension components such as the rear springs gradually weaken due to natural wear and tear. The continuous effect of heat, cold, and vibration may cause the springs to lose their elasticity or more likely to fail. If you drive an older model of Volkswagen, you have to be vigilant about checking and changing the worn parts of the suspension for your vehicle to be safe and perform well.
  • Overloading: Putting too much weight or cargo in your Volkswagen can also be a reason for the rear springs to be broken. If the vehicle is overloaded, the springs will have to bear more weight than they were designed for, which means they will wear out quickly and eventually break. Ensure that you follow your Volkswagen’s recommended weight limits and do not overload your vehicle.
  • Poor Maintenance: Failure to observe regular maintenance can also be responsible for damaged rear springs. Not checking and greasing the suspension components, springs, in particular, can contribute to faster corrosion and destruction thus leading to a premature failure. Frequent maintenance checkups are designed to detect any problems before they become too expensive to fix in the future.
  • Impact Damage: Sometimes, the rear springs may break as a result of an impact. Driving through potholes, speed bumps or other road hazards at high speeds causes strain on springs that may cause them to crack or even break. By staying away from extreme road situations and using defensive driving strategies you can significantly lower the danger of impact damage to your Volkswagen’s suspensions.
  • DIY Modifications: Attempting DIY modifications or repairs on your Volkswagen’s rear suspension system may prove ineffective. A wrong way of installing or modifying suspension components may put more pressure on the coil springs, leading to their failure. It is always advisable to leave the complicated repairs and modifications to persons who have been trained and are equipped with the knowledge and tools to handle the tasks safely and appropriately.
  • Corrosion: Corrosion is yet another cause of a damaged rear spring. Prolonged contact with moisture, road salt, and other environmental elements can lead to the slow oxidation and deterioration of the springs. Over time the metal will be getting weaker and will be more brittle. If you do not want the springs to break, you need to shield them from corrosion as much as you are able to.

By learning about these factors and taking precautions to avoid them you will be able to maintain your car suspension system in good shape and avoid paying for the repair of broken rear springs. Ensure that you set up a regular maintenance schedule with your trusted VW technician and fix any problems immediately to maintain the good performance and safety of your vehicle for many years.

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