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If your ABS, Check Engine, or Air Bag light is illuminated, bring your car to Encore Motorcars and let one of our specialists perform auto diagnostics on it.

The engine control unit of a vehicle has access to a range of components in the vehicle. An ECU can verify the consistency and operation of the turn signals, airbag, and other systems. It can also monitor the temperature and other vital vehicle readouts. The ECU in newer and more advanced automobiles may contain up to 80 functions. Every automobile has several working computers, which may require a few diagnostics to understand the vehicle’s problem.

Our diagnostic equipment at Encore Motorcars will offer readouts that help us re-tune your car to its original factory specifications and ensure it’s functioning at peak performance.

Brands We Service

The mechanics at Encore Motorcars can help you with vehicle diagnostics for a variety of different car brands. Our team of experts can help car owners in Sarasota and its neighboring areas with diagnostics of the following brands.

When you bring your vehicle to us, you can be sure that it is in safe hands. Our shop is equipped with the most cutting edge factory-grade tools and equipment available, allowing us to give the most precise diagnostic services possible.

How will Encore Motorcars detect and correct any problems?

You can stop at Encore Motorcars whenever you notice that your check engine light is illuminated. To determine whether there is an issue, our expert specialists use cutting-edge computer scanners with a mix of technical know-how to communicate with your vehicle. Based on the findings of these diagnostic tests, our professional will offer a service to solve the issue and inform you of your alternatives before working on your car.

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