Battery Replacement


Battery Replacement
in Sarasota

A faulty battery can cause a variety of problems with your car. As a result, when there are electrical, connection, or other system issues, the first part of your car that a mechanic will examine is the battery.

At Encore Motorcars, we believe that your car battery should be regularly checked and replaced to ensure the adequate performance of your vehicle. We are committed to quality service, and that is why we have become Sarasota’s most trusted battery replacement shop for Exotic, European, & Asian import vehicles.

Brands We Service

At Encore Motorcars, we are known for servicing different car brands. We have a team of experts that can help car owners in Sarasota and its neighboring areas with battery replacement and other services. The brands we service include:

Our shop is equipped with the most recent factory-grade tools and equipment available, allowing us to give the most precise services imaginable. We also accept practically all extended warranties and offer free rental vehicles if your car has to be repaired for longer than a day.

When should you replace your automobile battery?

  • Your vehicle refuses to start
  • The battery warning light is on
  • Electrical components do not function

If you observe any of these symptoms, it’s time to contact and book an appointment with our ASE-certified mechanics.

Auto Battery Replacement

Is it safe to drive with a BAD battery?

Driving with a defective battery is not ideal. While it is unlikely that you will lose control of the vehicle, a faulty battery can leave you stranded on the road or in an inconvenient parking lot.

Encore Motorcars also provides battery preventative maintenance. If we notice evidence of corrosion on your battery’s terminal, we can help you service and clean it during our preventive maintenance process. This treatment includes anti-corrosive chemicals that help dissolve corrosion and the installation of wool pads.

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