As a premium automaker, Rolls Royce uses high-end components for their vehicles, including the suspension system. A car’s suspension is what makes the ride quality good (or bad) and greatly influences the handling. The suspension serves to absorb the vibrations, bumps, and even potholes from the road, making the ride much more comfortable for you.

It also serves to make your drive safer, considering that the system helps keep the tires in contact with the ground and prevent the vehicle from being tossed around from everyday road hazards. Without suspension, your vehicle would be very uncomfortable and difficult/dangerous to drive, as every bump on the road would be felt and might even unbalance the car.

Rolls Royce often uses air suspension, which has a much smoother feel going over imperfections in the road as compared to traditional suspensions. Further, air suspension is easily adjusted so that your ride quality can be more comfortable or more rigid for more performance-oriented driving. This is in contrast to a typical suspension setup, which is normally not adjustable and made of heavier steel components.

Although air suspension is a luxury item, it is not without fault, and it is important to have your air suspension serviced to avoid problems. Let’s go over some signs of suspension trouble, possible causes for said trouble, and what you can do about it.

Rolls Royce Suspension Problems

If your Rolls Royce’s air suspension is faulty, you might literally notice one side of the car is lower than the other. This is because components on one side of the vehicle have failed and are no longer supporting that side of the vehicle, drooping down. This can also occur on the front or back of your Rolls Royce. It is also important to note that the entire vehicle might appear lower to the ground than it used to be.

Another sign is that your ride quality has deteriorated. For example, you might feel the bumps on the roads more than you used to, and the overall feel of the car while driving is more rough and unstable. Note, however, that this can also be a sign of worn tires, so it is important to get a comprehensive inspection to make sure the proper problem is identified and remedied.

Air suspension requires a compressor to work, and if said compressor malfunctions, the suspension might as well. You might be able to hear the compressor running constantly or be unable to hear it at all. If you are unsure what the compressor sounds like for your air suspension, it is no problem as this is something a trained technician can assess at a professional service center.

Inspection of the suspension might also reveal broken pieces, such as rubber, that leads to leaks in the system and hence deflation of your suspension. The air bags themselves might even be punctured. Of course, inspecting a suspension is not something easily done in your driveway, as you often need to raise the vehicle to get a proper look and/or remove components for replacing. This is why it’s a good idea to find a reputable service center to help you maintain your Rolls Royce’s air suspension and keep you riding both safely and in style.

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