Audi headlights, taillights, turn signals, and even interior lights are important systems of your car. At any time, your lights may malfunction or completely stop working altogether, rendering your vehicle a potential hazard to you and to others.

Lights are a part of the vehicle’s electrical system, which is run by the alternator. The alternator is responsible for converting mechanical energy into electrical energy through an alternating current. When the alternator fails, the electrical system fails. This is the most common cause of lighting malfunctions.

Headlights and taillights are integral parts of your Audi. They provide a safety factor similar to airbags. Headlights allow you to see things around you and allow others to see you, while taillights are key in alerting drivers that you are braking and your location in front of them at night and in inclimate weather.

Drivers communicate using their lights. Hazard lights indicate you are experiencing malfunctions with your vehicle, turning signals tell drivers which way you are trying to go, headlights help you to see what is near you, and taillights can be used to alert drivers to many things, including an accident by you tapping your brakes to indicate stopping traffic.


Headlights allow you to see others and things around you. They consist of two types of bulbs: high beams and low beams. High beam lights are non-filtered lights that not only shine outward but up and down as well, allowing a wider range to be seen. Low beam lights can only shine out and down.

When your headlights are flickering or not working together, there may be a few causes. A bad wiring connection, blown fuse, or even a burned-out bulb could be the culprit. Your trusted mechanic can inspect, diagnose, and fix the problem with ease.

Tail Lights

Tail lights are important to alert others around you that traffic is slowing or stopping in front of you. While less common than headlights, taillights can stop working for many reasons.

Faulty tail lights may be caused by a loose bulb socket, faulty wiring, a bad fuse, or simply a bad bulb. It is important to have your tail lights fixed immediately, especially if you plan to drive at night.

Turn Signals

Turning signals help you communicate with other drivers on roadways. It is important to always use your turn signals, also known as blinkers, when changing lanes, turning on a street, or exiting the roadway. This alerts those near you that you are trying to change your current path of driving.

You may notice your turn signals begin blinking faster than normal. A bad bulb is almost always the cause for this. Using aftermarket parts is another cause of a faulty signal light because they are not designed for the system your Audi was built with.

Cabin Lights

Interior lights allow drivers and passengers to see what is inside the vehicle. This is especially important at night if you need to find something quickly. The lights between your driver and passenger side visors were originally designed to allow drivers to read a map while traveling. Although maps are seen few and far between now, these lights are still as important.

If your interior lights flicker, it is likely caused by bad wiring. If they do not turn on at all, begin by checking the dome light switch. This can usually be found to the left of the steering wheel. Ensure it is “clicked” into the on position and turned up bright for your lights to shine. If this does not fix your interior light problems, a technician will be able to diagnose and fix them.

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