Land Rovers are excellent offroad vehicles and they are designed for different harsh terrain. One of the most likely situations you would find yourself in during an offroad adventure is parking or driving on a hill. If you are an off-road enthusiast, you want to ensure that your Land Rovers’ parking brakes are working perfectly before you go out on your next outdoor adventure.

When a parking brake does not function as it should, it must be repaired immediately. In this article, we will explain how your Land Rover’s parking brake works, how it fails, and where you should go to fix the problem.

How does a parking brake work?

The parking brake is an essential component of every vehicle, and your Land Rover is expected to have a parking brake that works at every time on demand. Land Rover no longer manufactures cars with manual gearboxes, which need the use of a parking brake to keep the vehicle stationary, although their vehicles still do have this mechanism.

The Electric Parking Brake (EPB) is used in modern Land Rovers and is operated by a button in the center console. The parking brake is activated when the button is pressed. When activated, a steel cable that is linked to the back tires of your Land Rover tightens. The applied force causes the brakes to clamp down and hold the vehicle absolutely motionless.

Parking Brake Failure Symptoms

Your vehicle’s parking brake failure could have happened unexpectedly. If you detect any of the following symptoms, it’s time to have your vehicle inspected.

  • Warning light: If the parking brake of your Land Rover fails, the brake warning light will illuminate and an alert will show in the message center. Whenever you see these warnings, don’t disregard them!
  • The car is not completely held in place: Because a failed parking brake cannot fully perform its function, your vehicle may roll slightly even when the parking brake is applied.
  • The brakes will not turn off: Another issue that your Land Rover may have is difficulty disengaging the parking brake when you are ready to drive off. A malfunctioning parking brake can be dangerous, so if you detect these problems, act quickly!

Fixing a Faulty Parking Brake

If you find yourself in a scenario where the parking brake no longer works, remember that the failure is most likely the result of a malfunctioning parking brake cable. The steel cable connecting the back wheels may stretch with usage over time. You might have to repair the cable, which will need the removal of the back wheels in order to reach the braking system. If your Land Rover has an EPB, you would need a factory tool to set the system in service mode before removing the cable and doing any repairs.

This can be a frightening endeavor for many inexperienced DIYers, especially given that the majority of Land Rovers on the road use an electric parking brake. It is generally preferable to visit a professional technician who has expertise in Land Rovers in this scenario.

Encore Motorcars Will Fix Your Land Rover’s Parking Brake

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