Mercedes-Benz has several hydraulic cylinders that are responsible for the operation of the convertible top. Depending on the model of your Mercedes, there are between 5 and 12 hydraulic cylinders.

When these cylinders develop faults, you’ll no longer be able to enjoy the convertible feature, throwing a wrench into your planned driving experience. As a result, you’ll need help and repairs to enjoy the convertible feature again in your Benz. Let’s discuss how the hydraulic convertible top breaks down and where you can go to fix it, but first, a brief description of how it works.

Your Convertible Top

A hydraulic convertible top is a car roof that can be retracted. This system is made up of several components, including the hydraulic pump and hydraulic cylinders. These are filled with hydraulic fluid.

In a Mercedes-Benz, the hydraulic convertible top is automated such that by a simple push of a button, an electric motor turns on a hydraulic pump. This pump then supplies pressure through the hydraulic fluid to the hydraulic cylinders that are located on either sides of the car, causing the convertible roof to fold back or unfold as needed.

Causes of Hydraulic Convertible Top Problems

Hydraulic convertible top problems can be attributed to several reasons. Top among these reasons is low or leaking hydraulic fluid. When the level of hydraulic fluid in the reservoir goes down, it will be difficult if not impossible for the pump to supply pressurized hydraulic fluid into the cylinders and the car roof will not be able to fold back.

In addition, when the quality of hydraulic fluid in the reservoir deteriorates on account of contamination, the fluid will be unable to build up the pressure needed to fold the convertible roof. Contamination of hydraulic fluid happens because of wear and tear of the metal parts that causes small metallic bits to be found in the fluid.

In highly-humid environments, there can be contamination from water molecules which will not only compromise the seals and corrode the metal parts, but they will also enable the decomposition of the organic hydraulic fluid. This is why it is important that you get a regular change of hydraulic fluid to ensure that any water getting into the hydraulic fluid is removed before it can corrode the metal parts.

Regular wear and tear of metal components in your Mercedes can also cause your hydraulic convertible top to develop faults. This wear and tear can only be delayed with proper servicing and maintenance scheduling.

Other external factors, such as heat, can also expedite the rate at which these components wear out, especially for the front cylinders that are located above the windscreen. The moving parts such as the hydraulic pump that controls the movement of pressurized hydraulic fluid can also break down faster due to friction.

Indicators of Hydraulic Convertible Top Problems

Problems in the hydraulic convertible top can be signified by the failure of the convertible roof to fold back or bring forward. This can be inconvenient in uncertain weather, taking away the comfort and enjoyment that should come with driving a Mercedes.

You may also notice the convertible roof moving slowly on command. This can be an indicator of low hydraulic pressure from low levels of hydraulic fluid.

Encore Motorcars Will Fix Your Hydraulic Convertible Top

You should always seek the help of a certified professional auto-mechanic when your Mercedes Hydraulic Convertible Top Repair hydraulic convertible roof refuses to fold. This is because only a certified mechanic with experience in servicing European luxury brands can correctly diagnose the problem and fix it as recommended by the manufacturer. Because of the small components that play a role in the functioning of the convertible roof, it is likely that your car will need some of these parts replaced.

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