Jaguars are some of the most technologically-advanced & high-powered cars on the market. They feature air suspension systems to optimize vehicle performance and ensure your comfort while you drive. These systems, classified as pneumatic suspension systems, come with both strengths and potential shortcomings. Let’s take a closer look.

The Air Suspension System in Your Jaguar

Pneumatic systems, including air suspension, are defined by their use of compressed air. This type of system uses pressurized air to carry out specific functions. Air suspension systems utilize air compressors to pump pressurized air into air bags that help cushion your ride, using technology to make changes to the amount of air as necessary.

Strengths of the air suspension system

These systems are often characteristic of high-end vehicles like the Jaguar. Their main strength is found in their overall function, providing a smoother ride on rough terrain. For lighter vehicles, the air suspension system also keeps your car from “bouncing” over raised surfaces, giving way to a much more seamless driving experience.

Jaguars are certainly revered for their style, but their air suspension systems give these vehicles the level of performance that drivers also expect. However, along with any other car with this system in place, Jaguar air suspension systems can sometimes encounter problems.

Shortcomings in the Air Suspension System

Like any complicated system within your vehicle, the air suspension can malfunction. There are a few typical warning signs of air suspension failure or problems.

  • lingering sounds after turning off the ignition
  • vehicle sitting lower than normal
  • difference in performance

Staying vigilant of your Jaguar’s feel and performance is the first step to diagnosing air suspension issues. Strange sounds, difficult handling, and lower height are strong indicators that there is an issue with your air suspension system that needs the assistance of a Jaguar-specialized technician.

Some Common Reasons for Air Suspension System Failure

There are several reasons why your Jaguar’s air suspension systems can begin to fail or stop working entirely. However, we’ll discuss the two most typical causes:

  • air compressor malfunction
  • leaking airbags

Air compressor malfunction can lead to air suspension failure because the pneumatic system relies on a compressed air supply to carry out its functions. An airbag with a leak depletes the compressed air supply, making inflation and manipulation of the pressure impossible. Think of a pool raft without enough air inside to expand fully. It will not hold much weight, and you won’t be able to use it as designed. A leak will cause the same result. Due to this lack of proper inflation, air compressor malfunctions can also cause problems with the suspension.

Overall, the air suspension system works together with other parts of your vehicle in order to maintain its function. Therefore, it’s important to perform regular maintenance and monitor your car’s function to keep your air suspension system working properly.

Encore Motor Cars for Your Jaguar’s Needs

Repairing or replacing the parts of your Jaguar that the air suspension system relies on can vary in price and labor costs. It’s important to go to an automotive repair shop that you can trust to diagnose and repair these problems.

Encore Motorcars of Sarasota is ready to help you. Our ASE certified mechanics use top-of-the-line equipment & parts to keep your car running the way it was designed. Specifically for Jaguars, our licensed technicians are highly skilled in your make and model and are experts on your air suspension system.

Along with your air suspension system, Encore Motorcars can also service the following aspects of your Jaguar:

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