Infiniti is known for its performance, handling, and luxury. Engineered with high-performance parts and premium materials, Infiniti has a reputation for being a reliable automobile. To keep your automobile running at peak performance, you must get your Inifiti checked out by our team of experienced technicians if you notice anything out of the normal.

The Mass AirFlow (MAF) sensor in your Infiniti is essential to ensure that your vehicle operates the way it is designed. If it fails, you will experience a rougher ride, decreased performance, and erratic power. A faulty MAF is a safety issue as much as a performance one.

The Purpose of the Mass Airflow Sensor

Your Infiniti’s MAF sensor plays a critical role in the operation of your engine. The sensor detects the amount of air coming into your engine, and it provides electrical signals to your vehicle’s ECU (the vehicle’s computer).

The amount of airflow that an engine gets is important in the combustion process. Not receiving enough or getting too much air will affect your Infiniti’s performance. To work properly, your engine needs a specific air-to-fuel ratio. The ECU will adjust the air to fuel ratio based on its input from the MAF sensor.

Signs of a Faulty Sensor

As mentioned earlier, the mass airflow sensor provides input information to your ECU to adjust the ratio of air and fuel in your engine. If your MAF sensor is bad, you will notice several issues when trying to operate your vehicle. The following is a list of common symptoms of a faulty mass airflow sensor.

  • Engine Warning Light: One of the first signs of a bad MAF is that your engine warning light will come on to inform you that the sensor is failing. However, the engine light comes on for various issues and should be checked out by our team of experienced professionals as soon as possible.
  • Bad Fuel Economy: If your engine does not know how much air it requires, it may provide too much or not enough air. The fault could make the engine use excessive fuel for combustion, which will lower your fuel economy.
  • Does Not Start: If your Infiniti’s MAF sensor is faulty, your ECM might not push enough fuel into your engine to start.
  • Idles Hard: While idling at a stoplight or in traffic, your Infiniti may run rough due to the improper fuel-to-air ratio.
  • Too Much or Not Enough Power: While accelerating on the freeway, you may experience a hard time gaining speed due to not getting enough fuel. On the other end, while cruising, you may experience a random surge of power, which may make you lose control of your vehicle.
  • Black Smoke from Exhaust: When your engine receives too much fuel, black smoke may come from your exhaust due to the fuel not being completely combusted in the engine.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, it is time to get your Infiniti checked out by our team of technicians who specialize in German, Exotic, & Asian import repair. Waiting to get your MAF checked out may make an easy repair into an expensive one fast. So do not wait.

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