The overall health and performance of your Bentley is dependent on the exhaust system. There are several parts that combine to make the exhaust system, but it only functions well when all of these parts come together and work properly. If there is even one part that does not work well, then the whole system will fail. Sometimes a component will simply wear out because it gets old. This is why routine maintenance and checkups with a certified mechanic are so important.

What to do when your exhaust system fails?

If your exhaust system in your Bentley does not seem to be working, then it is time to take it in to a qualified mechanic. They will do a full inspection and determine what is wrong with the system. Sometimes it is a simple fix, and other times, you may need to spend more money to replace the whole system.

All car owners should recognize some of the common signs of exhaust system failure to ensure that they can catch it early. Keep reading for details.

Common Problems with the Bentley’s Exhaust System

A faulty exhaust system is never a good thing in the vehicle and must be checked out as soon as possible. There are several problems that may appear with the exhaust system of your Bentley which include:

  • The oxygen sensor: Many modern cars have more than one oxygen sensor. A malfunction in just one of them is enough to cause issues. If one of the sensors stops working, the computer in the engine struggles to balance out the air and fuel mixture. This may lead to a mixture high on gas and low on air and can ruin the engine.
  • Exhaust leaks: if you drive on rough roads, then you may wear out the exhaust system and cause a leak. A mechanic should take a look at the pipes and lines in the exhaust system to see if there is a leak that is causing problems.
  • Exhaust smoke: It is never a good thing to see a smoking car. No matter what color it is, you need to take your Bentley to your trusted mechanic right away for a diagnostic check.
  • Rust: One of the worst enemies of your exhaust system is rust. If you take shorter trips in your Bentley compared to longer ones, you may have more rust on the vehicle than normal. The rust can collect on the exhaust system, corroding the whole thing from the inside out. If you live in icy parts of the country, the salt left on the road to keep them clear can cause rust if you do not clean it off regularly.
  • Noise and Vibrations: There are also a few symptoms that will show up when the exhaust system starts to fail. Many car owners start to notice there is more noise in the engine. Or there may be more vibration inside the vehicle, whether you are driving or sitting still. If either of these problems happen, it is likely to be an exhaust system issue that you need to get checked out. A certified mechanic can take a look at the engine and the exhaust system to determine what is the main source of the problem and get it fixed.

How to Prevent Exhaust System Problems

It is possible for you to prevent these issues Bentley Exhaust System Check from happening. Visit a certified mechanic every one to two years for an exhaust system check, even if you do not notice an obvious problem with the exhaust system. This will allow the mechanic to take a look at the whole system and catch potential problems before they take over and ruin the vehicle. This is also a good time to complete other routine maintenance on the vehicle.

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