When it comes to a car as powerful and high performing as an Audi, keeping all the parts functioning properly should be your number one priority. To that end, any issues under the hood of your car should be taken care of as soon as they arise. Otherwise, they may turn into more detrimental problems down the road.

Unfortunately, not all problems under the hood are as easy to identify as a fried electrical component, and some problems are actually unintentionally caused by the vehicle owner themself. For example, old engine oil can lead to long-lasting problems under the hood that can negatively impact the performance you have come to love in your Audi.

What Does Engine Oil Do?

Engine oil is one of the most important aspects of a vehicle’s performance. Whether you are driving a high-level sports car or a family van, engine oil is imperative to the overall driveability of your car. When trying to understand how old engine oil can affect the performance of your Audi, it’s first important to cover what exactly engine oil does.

Your engine gets very hot when you drive, and engine oil is essentially the lubricant that keeps it functioning. Oil is stored in something known as a sump and gets pushed throughout the engine using oil galleries. As the oil goes through the car, there is a filter ready to catch any impurities that try to work their way through the engine.

When the engine comes under pressure as it is firing, oil is run through the system. As it passes through various areas of the engine bay, it leaves behind a slippery residue that keeps all parts of the engine lubricated and working smoothly. However, its function as a method of transferring heat is perhaps its most important.

As it travels throughout the engine bay, engine oil absorbs the heat given off and is able to transfer it away from the engine. This helps to keep your engine cool and avoid overheating.

When Does Engine Oil Go Bad?

Depending on the exact make and model of your Audi, engine oil naturally needs to be replaced anywhere between three to six months. If you take your vehicle in for routine mileage service, more often than not they changed the oil and you probably didn’t even notice.

There are a number of signs that your engine oil has gone bad, and all of them mean you should take your car in as soon as possible.

Oil Change Light

Most modern cars, especially those as technologically advanced as Audis, are capable of sensing oil levels and can alert you when it is time for a change. Should you notice an oil change light or check engine light, it may be time to take your car in for its oil appointment.

Dark and Dirty Oil

Clean oil is naturally amber in color and is even slightly translucent. As oil gets older and the filter stops working properly, engine oil can become darker in appearance, and sometimes particulates can even be seen. This can be checked by sticking the dipstick into the oil compartment and seeing if it is visible.

Excessive Mileage

Engine oil also helps to keep your mileage where it should be as advertised by the dealership. If you notice you’re putting on extra miles but not going further than normal, it is completely possible that you have old engine oil that is not doing its job properly.

How Can Engine Oil Impact Performance?

Old engine oil, due to its lack of effectiveness, can lead to lower levels of performance. As it ages, the oil may produce sludge which will retain heat rather than transfer it. This could potentially result in your engine overheating, which can lead to more serious problems. Additionally, your Audi may have worse mileage and a slower performance overall.

How Encore Motorcars Can Help

At Encore Motorcars, we understand the care and Audi Engine Oil Change precision that goes into crafting the powerful performance you love in your Audi. Our high-quality technicians have been serving clients in Bradenton, Ellenton, Nokomis, Osprey, Parrish, Venice, Lakewood Ranch, Longboat Key, Siesta Key, University Park, and Sarasota, FL for years which means we have the expertise necessary to keep your vehicle performing well.

An engine oil change job is a simple task that professionals can complete in a matter of minutes. Trust our technicians and we’ll have you and your Audi back on the road in no time. Come visit us or give us a call to set an appointment today. We look forward to earning your business and patronage.

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