Keeping your vehicle in working order should be the top priority for any owner of a car as reliable as BMW. There are a number of parts and systems under the hood that can have problems emerge, and any issues should be taken care of immediately by a service professional.

Keeping that in mind, repairing the VANOS of your BMW is important to the vehicle’s overall health. Any problems that may arise with the VANOS system can be extremely problematic to your vehicle and should be treated as such. Taking the necessary steps to fix any problems when they emerge is the best course of action for any vehicle owner.

What is the VANOS system?

Beginning in 1992, BMW began incorporating the VANOS system on their vehicles. This system is a variable timing valve system that directly impacts engine performance and power. Variable valve timing has developed along with cars over the years, and different companies have their respective types.

As the engine goes through the entire RPM range, valve timing is adjusted via this system to ensure proper performance and peak efficiency. When translated, the VANOS system stands for Variable Camshaft Timing and, as mentioned, handles the entire timing system.

When your BMW is at idle, this VANOS gear is retracted and does not impact valve timing at all. However, when you press down on the gas pedal, a solenoid is activated which pushes oil through the VANOS system. As the oil pressure rises, the VANOS gear inserts itself between two things known as the cam gear and the cam. This has the effect of improving emissions and helps with exhaust gas recirculation.

Any problems that emerge with this system could seriously damage certain components of your vehicle. While it may not seem important to keep this system working properly, your BMW’s performance and emissions could be greatly impacted by any problems that emerge. For that reason, getting this system fixed anytime something goes wrong should be your top priority.

Signs Something is Wrong with the VANOS System

Given that the VANOS system works intricately with the engine to produce a specific amount of power by influencing gears, there are a number of problems that can occur. Should you notice any of the below oddities happening with your BMW, considering taking the car in right away for a check-up:

Loss of Horsepower and Torque

As discussed, the VANOS system regulates the gears in the engine to help bring about proper performance. If there is a problem with the system or the gears involved, you may begin to notice a mysterious loss of horsepower or torque. If this occurs and there isn’t an easy to find the cause, consider looking into the fact that something may be wrong with this system itself under the hood.

Inconsistent Idling

Mentioned above, the VANOS gear will retract comfortably when your BMW is idling. If this does not occur, however, or if something larger is wrong with the system, you may begin to notice that your vehicle is having a rough idle. While a rough idle can be caused by a number of issues, problems with the gears under the hood are very possible. Take note of what the rough idle feels like so that you can describe it properly when you take your vehicle into the shop.

Poor Fuel Economy

The VANOS system on your car has been incredibly important to reducing bad vehicle emissions, and if there is a problem with the system you may notice an increase in emissions or worse fuel economy. Take notice if you are paying more at the pump or visiting the gas station more often.

Encore Motorcars For Your BMW Needs

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* BMW Car image credit goes to: Roman Stasiuk.

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