When purchasing your Porsche, the last thing you expect is to have components of your vehicle fail. Overtime, however, all vehicles are susceptible to road imperfections and general wear and tear.

The valve is responsible for regulating pressure for proper gear shifting and clutch engagement. It also maintains proper lubrication during gear shifting and clutch engagement. The transmission valve body of your Porsche plays an important role in your vehicle, so let’s take a closer look and advise you on what to do if it experiences failure.

Hesitation While Shifting Gears

The most common issues with failing transmission valve bodies are most noticed when shifting gears. Hesitation is a common warning sign of problems with the transmission valve body. Drivers may notice abrupt, sudden, and delayed shifting.

It’s also common for drivers experiencing transmission valve body failure to notice gear slipping. This happens when the clutch doesn’t operate and engage correctly, causing an unsmooth transition from gear to gear. The power exerted by the car will be significantly impacted by gear slipping.

The sounds our cars make can be very insightful and indicative of what is wrong with our vehicles. When shifting into reverse or pressing on the brakes, there may be a loud knocking noise, suggesting a failing valve body.

Reasons for Transmission Valve Body Failure

Every car brand is known for particular issues with their models. Porsche cars are specifically designed to have a higher power, but they require a more tedious and routine care. The potential for a failing transmission valve body varies between models, and there are few reasons for transmission valve body failure in each of them.

One reason for failure is a poor oil pressure. Also, without a high enough pressure, certain valves won’t operate correctly, causing a chain reaction and poor functioning gearbox. This low pressure can be caused by low levels of transmission fluid or leaks. Oil leaks occur frequently on higher mileage vehicles or those with gasket failures.

Oil leaks, low pressure, and failing transmission valve bodies can all be prevented with proper car maintenance. Our certified mechanics know to check the components of your transmission and gearbox to maintain proper operation. Maintaining a regular maintenance schedule is a near guarantee to avoid all of these aforementioned issues.

When to Seek Help for a Failing Transmission Valve Body

If you suspect there is something wrong with your transmission valve body, you visit your trusted Porsche auto shop immediately. Failing body valves can snowball into an exorbitant amount of additional, costly problems. These complications can be long lasting and may prevent you from driving your vehicle.

With a faulty valve, your vehicle has to work harder, increasing the strain and risk of damaging the other transmission and engine’s components. Your Porsche’s performance and function depends highly on a properly functioning transmission valve body.

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