An Acura model is characterized by its powerful engine, high-quality features, and stylish appearance. It periodically has problems with the oxygen sensor. The oxygen sensor is a small component, but when it fails, it will prevent your Acura from functioning properly.

In order to avoid this problem in the future, it is good to know the main causes of oxygen sensor failure and how to deal with the problem if it crops up in your Acura.

The Importance of the Oxygen Sensor

The oxygen sensor is a component that’s used to detect the amount of oxygen in your Acura for the purpose of precise engine efficiency. The oxygen level detected by the sensor is sent to the vehicle’s computer so that it can determine whether or not there is enough oxygen in relation to fuel being utilized by your engine.

If there is too little oxygen, this means that the air-fuel mixture in your vehicle is too rich. If there is too much oxygen, this means that the air-fuel mixture in your vehicle is too lean.

Once the computer determines if you have a rich or lean fuel mixture, it will adjust the fuel injector output to compensate for it. This keeps your engine running until you can get it fixed. Unfortunately, an oxygen sensor failure can cause problems with how your engine runs and even cause it to be more difficult to start on cold mornings. It will also burn through your budget, as it can cause you to fill up at the pump far more than before.

Signs of an Oxygen Sensor Failure

The following are signs that indicate your Acura’s oxygen sensor is failing:

  • Check engine light: A check engine light can indicate many different problems with a vehicle, but one of them is an oxygen sensor failure. In some cases, the light will remain on until a mechanic resets it manually. However, if you want to avoid this happening again and again, you need to replace your oxygen sensor as soon as possible so that you don’t have to pay another visit to your mechanic unnecessarily.
  • Poor fuel economy: The first sign is poor fuel economy, which may not be noticeable until the vehicle has been driven for a few miles. If there is a problem with the oxygen sensor, it will take longer for the engine to reach its correct operating temperature, which means that it will use more fuel than usual.
  • Engine misfire: An engine misfire can also be caused by a faulty oxygen sensor, and this is because the air-fuel mixture in the engine becomes unbalanced. In this case, the car may feel as though it is experiencing a loss of power. The vehicle may also hesitate when accelerating, and this will happen at various points in time throughout the driving experience.If you hear a knocking noise from your engine compartment, turn off your car immediately and call for help.
  • Engine stalling: If you have ever been driving and noticed that your Acura tends to stall more than usual, it could be because of a faulty oxygen sensor. When the oxygen sensors malfunction, they send false information to the computer about how much oxygen is needed by the fuel injectors. As a result, too much or too little fuel may be injected into the engine and cause the vehicle to stall.
  • The smell of sulfur: Your exhaust system can leak if there is a crack or hole in it somewhere, which will release a sulfur smell. This smell isn’t toxic to you, but excessive amounts of unburned gas can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. If your exhaust system isn’t working properly, you could also be releasing harmful gases into the environment.

What to Do When Your Oxygen Sensor Fails

If you notice any of the above signs, bring your Acura to our professionals for inspection and diagnostics as soon as possible, as Acura Oxygen Sensor Inspection this can be a very expensive repair if not fixed sooner than later.

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