The water pump in your BMW is essential for the smooth running of your engine. The water pump circulates the coolants throughout the engine to reduce the engine temperature and prevent the engine from overheating. When the pump fails, it won’t function as it should, causing you to need a replacement.

The vehicle thermostat monitors your BMW’s temperature and releases the coolants for the system’s cooling whenever it notices that the engine temperature has risen. This is to ensure that the engine has an ideal operating temperature for proper functionality. Hence, when there is a problem with your water pump, you should get it fixed as soon as possible to prevent the engine from overheating and other costly engine damage.

Symptoms of a Broken or Defective Water Pump

When the water pump is broken or defective, the coolant fluid will no longer circulate through the cooling system, causing the engine temperature to rise and consequently overheat. When your water pump becomes defective, you may notice the following signs:

  • Coolant Leaks: When your water pump is broken, you may see drops or puddles of coolants under your vehicle after you have parked for a while. Although vehicle coolants come in different colors, it always has an easily identifiable sweet smell. Whenever you notice coolant leaks, the best thing is to visit your mechanic to help you inspect the leaks and make a proper diagnosis.
  • Steam Coming From the Radiator: If the water pump fails, the transportation of the coolant throughout the engine is hampered, which may result in the engine overheating. When the engine overheats, it will likely produce steam which explains the visible steam coming from your radiator.
  • Unusual Sounds Coming From Under the Hood: You may also hear strange noises coming from the engine block. The noise may be a growling or squealing noise resulting from a loose belt indicating a worn-out bearing in the water pump or a loosened pulley.
  • Heater Blowing Cold Air: While the coolant helps lower your engine temperature, it helps heat the temperature within the vehicle cabin. This is usually caused by the absence of coolant or the circulation of coolant within the cooling system. Therefore, your water pump probably has a problem when your heater blows cold air instead of hot air.
  • Rise in Temperature Gauge: The temperature gauge on the dashboard notifies the driver of changes in vehicle temperature. When you notice the temperature gauge rising into the red zone, you should stop your engine immediately to prevent it from overheating.
  • Engine Overheats: The water pump’s function is to circulate coolant through the cooling system. When the pump fails, the circulation of coolant through the cooling system is affected, which causes the engine to overheat.

While several other factors could have caused your engine to overheat, a defective or broken water pump cannot be ruled out. Hence, pay close attention to your engine temperature gauges and immediately notify your mechanic of any changes to prevent costly engine damage.

Causes of Water Pump Failure

The failure of the water pump is usually caused by:

  • Natural wear and tear after a long period of use. The water pump is made of plastic materials that begin to wear and corrode after an extended period of use. If your water pump has achieved over 75,000 miles without any issue, you should consider getting a replacement before it ultimately fails.
  • Poor maintenance of the water pump could cause accelerated wear. Ignoring routine maintenance and fluid replacement could affect the proper functionality of the cooling system, as old or contaminated fluid can cause the engine to overheat. When the engine overheats, the water pump can get damaged, thereby causing its premature replacement.

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