Power windows were first introduced in the 1940s, and decades later, it was clear that they were here to stay. Back when they were introduced, they were a sign of luxury in a car, and it seemed to solve the problem of handles of the window winders breaking.

Power windows were first implemented in Mercedes cars in 1971, and as of today, you would hardly find any Mercedes, or any modern car for that matter, without a power window. Even though they were meant to solve the problems that came with the hand-rolled windows, power windows came with problems of their own and are still quite susceptible to faults.

Depending on what model of Mercedes Benz you own, your particular car might be more likely to have issues with its power windows. In such cases, the window regulator is the plausible culprit.

The window regulator assembly is the component that raises or lowers the window when the power window button is pressed. Usually, when one of its components is faulty, the whole window regulator has to be changed.

Symptoms of a Faulty Window Regulator

Here are some signs you might notice when your window regulator is about to give out on you.

  • Unresponsive Power Button: Perhaps the first and most prominent of the signs is an unresponsive power button. You might find that you have to press the window button more than once before the window starts moving. In the event of that, you should probably go and have your car checked.
  • Slower or Faster Window Speed than Usual: The power windows are designed to move up and down at specific speeds, mainly to prevent damage in the process. When the window moves faster or slower than normal, it could be a result of electrical damage in the window regulator assembly, and it is best to have it checked out.
  • Odd Noises When the Window Rolls: You might also hear odd noises such as clicking, grinding or screeching when rolling your windows. This can be due to the window being displaced from its natural position or a dirt buildup in the window regulator. This can be quite dangerous if not fixed quickly, as it can shatter and injure people in the process.
  • Window Doesn’t Stay in Place, or It Looks Crooked: The window regulator is also what helps hold the window in place. When it starts to get faulty, it can no longer do its job, and the window rolls back down, even when you roll it up. You might also notice that the window looks crooked when in place. This is also a sign of a faulty window regulator.

Apart from window regulators, power window problems can also be caused by power window buttons/switches and electrical connections. You must have it checked by experienced, certified mechanics who can diagnose and fix the problem.

While power window problems can seem inconsequential, you are still advised to get it checked by professional mechanics to avoid injury and damage to your car upholstery from the elements.

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