Driving a BMW makes most drivers confident on the road because of the dependability and high performance of the vehicle. Regular maintenance and part replacement/upgrades at particular mileage can extend the life of your BMW and boost its reliability on everyday trips. Even with regular basic maintenance, some components of your BMW can become faulty after some time. One of the components is the PCV valve.

The PCV valve is an important component that your BMW needs to function properly. This valve is critical to the health of your BMW and should be changed at a set period or if it fails before that time. Let’s look at what a PCV valve is and when it is important or necessary for you to replace the one in your BMW.

Purpose of PCV Valve

The PCV valve’s primary function is to remove dangerous gases from the crankcase region and return them to your BMW’s engine. There, they are burned and rendered less toxic before being moved through to the atmosphere. We understand the importance of PCV valves in our daily lives because of the health and environmental concerns about humans inhaling harmful gases. Next, let us consider the frequency of replacing a PCV valve.

When to Replace Your PCV Valve

A PCV valve can be used for years without being replaced. However, to ensure that it does not harm your vehicle when it is faulty, most experienced technicians recommend replacing the valve every 50,000 miles. If you follow this kind of precaution, you will most likely prevent the following problems, which are symptoms that your PCV valve is failing:

  • Sludge Build-Up in the PCV Valve: When dark sludge begins to form around your PCV valve or engine, then a malfunction is at the door, knocking.
  • Poor Fuel Economy: When your PCV valve becomes faulty, it begins to consume more fuel than it used to.
  • Check Engine Light: Another sign that your PCV is failing is when you see illumination on your check engine light.
  • Engine Misfiring and Stalling: Finally, when your BMW starts to misfire or stall while driving, then it is very important for you to check the PCV valve.

If you notice any of the above symptoms after or before 50,000 miles, let a trained BMW specialist inspect your vehicle for PCV valve problems.

BMW Scheduled Maintenance

As previously shown, carrying out adequate maintenance on your BMW, as advised by the manufacturer, will keep your BMW in good condition and also save you from costly repairs in the long run. So, if you detect or notice any of the indications described above, your automobile has most likely already been damaged. You need to get our professionals involved to diagnose the root cause of the problem and advise you of our findings.

Repairs on any component of a well-constructed BMW will be costly if discovered too late. BMW has presented customers with a strategy to minimize costly repairs through their scheduled BMW routine maintenance.

Use Only Certified Professionals

The complex technology included in this European car is not something that should be handled by any repair shop. When getting your BMW serviced, be sure the persons conducting the job are competent.

This simply implies that the specialists who should fix your BMW should be certified by organizations like Bosch and ASE. These technicians are professionals in their industry and are experts regarding the vehicles they work on. Their certificates may be optional in the auto service industry, but they are critical for BMW owners who desire optimum performance from their cars and SUVs.

Entrust Your BMW to Encore Motorcars

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