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The Encore Team

George Manooshian Jr.

HOBBIES: Travel, Skiing, NFL Fan, Collector Cars. HOMETOWN: Livonia, MI

Guy Lackey

General Manager
HOBBIES: Muscle cars, fishing, spending time with family. HOMETOWN: Mountainview, AR

Al Pagán

General Sales Manager
HOBBIES: Travel,spending time with family. HOMETOWN: Bronx, NY

John Steinhauser

HOBBIES: Diving, flying single engine planes, sky diving. HOMETOWN: Bronx, NY

Russell Lee

HOBBIES: Tennis, Sailing, Anything with cars. HOMETOWN: Rumson, NJ

Chris (Jett)

HOBBIES: Cooking(chef), anything my kids want to do. HOMETOWN: Hills of West Virgina

Chris Geraci

HOBBIES: Camping, Snorkeling, Golf, Poker. HOMETOWN: Buffalo, NY

Donna Phillips

Office Manager
HOBBIES: Horseback Riding, Reading, Fishing. HOMETOWN: Bradenton, FL

Billie Bealer

Admin Assistant
HOBBIES: Boating, Reading and Dancing. HOMETOWN: Lexington, KY

Mark Adler

Internet Marketing Specialist
HOBBIES: Casino gaming, travel, sports, spending time with my wife. HOMETOWN: Hastings, NE

Scott Gould

Service Manager
HOBBIES: Fishing, sports, spending time with family and three children. HOMETOWN: Portsmouth, NH

Robet McGucken

Assistant Service Manager
HOBBIES: Spending time with family. HOMETOWN: Sarasota, FL

JV Yelvington

Shop Forman
HOBBIES: Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Watersports and Spending time with family. HOMETOWN: Sarasota, FL

Andrew Foxworthy

BMW/MINI Specialist
HOBBIES: Travel, Surfing, Photography. HOMETOWN: Louisville, KY

Gustavo Rosado

Service Specialist
HOBBIES: Baseball, Softball. HOMETOWN: North Port, FL

Scott Snyder

Lot Manager
HOBBIES: Fishing, hunting, muscle cars. HOMETOWN: New Martinsville, WV

Sherl Steckley

Detail Supervisor
HOBBIES: Cars and Spending time with family. HOMETOWN: Bradenton,FL

Victor Garcia

Detail Technician
HOBBIES: Drag racing. HOMETOWN: Riverview, FL

Corey Patterson

Detail Technician
HOBBIES: Fishing, Four Wheeling, Spending time with family. HOMETOWN: Jupiter, FL.

Taylor Byrde

Lot Porter
HOBBIES: Rock Climbing, Spending time with my dog, Traveling. HOMETOWN: Atlantic City, NJ
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